Sunday, September 11, 2011

Bath & Body Works Haul!

Hey guys! I know I did a haul a couple days ago, but I wanted to get this done quick. If I waited until I got a few more things, I would already be using all of this and forget to mention it in the haul. So let's get started!
First I got three of the mini candles that were on sale. I got Leaves, Apple Crumble, and Marshmallow Fireside. And then I got 5 hand sanitizers in Aqua Blossom, Fresh Lavender, Japanese Cherry Blossom, Twilight Woods and Island Nectar. Lastly I got my free mini Charmed Life lotion (full size doesn't come out until October 3rd) with my coupon I got from xBeautyyyx from youtube's coupon blog icouponlikecrazy. Thanks for reading guys! If you have any requests please comment below! xoxo

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